Montreux Energy and Hydrogen

Andrew Bermingham has had a life-long passion for hydrogen, “discovering” H2 at age 12 after dropping a 9-volt battery in his fishtank and watching bubbles appear on the large (negative) electrode. Almost 25 years later, in 2000, Andrew purchased the Hydrogen.com URL, anticipating the crossover opportunity of hydrogen + Internet + education: How do we market a clear, odorless, colorless, tasteless gas?? Answer: It’s all about the BENEFITS!

In 2002, after several years of planning, Andrew launched Montreux Energy’s Hydrogen Infrastructure Investment Roundtable series, convening over 250 national and international leaders in Washington and Denver to discuss policy, technology, and investment in hydrogen production, storage, transport, and conversion.  In 2003, Andrew launched Hydrogen.com and Hydrogen Magazine, and created the Hydrogen Education Tour, a museum-quality exhibit held and the Colorado Convention Center over four days.  Attendance included over 2,500 high school students from the greater Denver area.  The event drew praise and coverage from the Denver Post and NBC Channel 9 News, and was given a special commendation by Colorado Governor Bill Owens.

Entering the world of venture capital, Andrew launched Hydrogenica Partners LLC, a hydrogen- and fuel cell-themed venture fund dedicated to investment in early-stage technology development companies. Over the course of the next five years, Andrew led Hydrogenica Partners’ investments in early the financing rounds of Proton, H2Gen, Ocean Power Technologies, Intellon, and General Hydrogen. Hydrogenica Partners was a co-investor in H2Gen alongside Arête Ventures, Chrysalix Power, Nth Power Technologies, @Ventures, Itochu, Sempra Energy, Schlumberger, and Air Products.

In 2013, Andrew was selected by Mercedes-Benz Research and Development USA to be the first driver in Colorado to lease a hydrogen car, a Mercedes-Benz Hydrogen B Class F-CELL.  In March, 2014, Andrew hosted the F-CELL at the 2014 Colorado Auto Show, attended by thousands of visitors over the week-long event. Andrew spoke that year at the Young Presidents’ Organization on the future of hydrogen and transportation.

Montreux Energy is pleased to announce we will launch Hydrogen.com in May 2017.

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